EUROPE WEATHER: Temperatures Seen Dipping Below Norm Next Week

Above average temperatures in Germany will probably dip below normal on Wednesday or Thursday next week, WSI says in commentary on Bloomberg.

  • Slower progression of warmer trend led shift toward fcast for cooler weather in eastern Europe and Norway next week; fcast still favor warmer weather in southwestern Europe: MDA Weather Services in comment on Friday.
  • Aggregated temperatures for northwest Europe, U.K. next wk seen at 16.5C vs 15.8C 10-yr avg: WSI using GFS model on Bloomberg
  • U.K. industrial, commercial, residential natgas demand forecast at 91 mcm/d on Friday; to average 77 mcm/d during working days next week: Bloomberg model
  • Solar production in Germany to peak at 13,437MW on Monday at 12:30pm Berlin time vs 16,295MW on Friday: Bloomberg model; compares w/ ytd peak of 25,929MW on April 21: EEX
  • German wind power to peak at 11,293MW at 11pm on Friday; to average 9,300 June 1-2: Bloomberg model; compares w/ 6,862MW 30-day avg. on EEX

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