Pakistan Rejects Seymour Hersh Report on Bin Laden: Spokesman

Pakistan “strongly” rejected allegations in Seymour Hersh’s report on Osama bin Laden’s death, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qazi Khalilullah said on Thursday.

“The allegation that Pakistan’s government had prior knowledge of the U.S. operation of May 2, 2011, against Osama Bin Laden is baseless,” Khalilullah told reporters in Islamabad during a weekly press briefing.

Hersh’s 10,000-word expose in the London Review of Books said Pakistan’s top military leaders were aware of the U.S. operation against bin Laden. It also said the CIA learned about bin Laden’s whereabouts from “a former senior Pakistani intelligence officer who betrayed the secret in return for much of the $25 million reward offered by the U.S.”

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