Manz ‘Optimistic’ It Will Take Part in Tesla Energy-Storage Push

Manz AG, a German maker of solar, display and battery equipment, is “optimistic” it will take part in Tesla Motors Inc.’s push to sell energy-storage devices to homeowners, businesses and utilities.

Manz “has many technologies to offer and is fighting” to participate in the energy storage push, Chief Financial Officer Martin Hipp said Monday. “We’re very optimistic.”

He declined to say whether Tesla already placed an order with Reutlingen-based Manz.

Tesla’s price of $350 per kilowatt-hour of battery capacity is “very attractive” for customers in Germany and developing countries, Hipp said in a phone interview. Tesla is building a 5 million square-foot factory in Nevada and has received 38,000 reservations for its Powerwall home batteries unveiled on May 1.

As homes, businesses and utilities use more renewable energy generated from sunshine and wind, the need to provide reliable power grows. Batteries can be used to store electricity during peak production and dispense it later, when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing. Germany is the biggest economy in the world to rely so heavily on renewables.

Manz, which on Tuesday reiterated a 2015 forecast of as much as 340 million euros ($383 million) in sales with “very positive” earnings before interest and taxes, may double solar revenue this year as customers upgrade factory lines, Hipp said.

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