Hungarians Want to Emigrate in Record Numbers, Tarki Poll Shows

The number of Hungarians who want to emigrate doubled this year from 2014 to a record, with fellow European Union member Germany the top destination of those considering a permanent move abroad, according to a Tarki poll.

One in 10 Hungarians wants to emigrate, compared with 5 percent last year and 1 percent in 1993, when the Budapest-based company started monitoring the trend. Tarki published its report on Monday, without citing its methodology.

“Men, the unemployed, young people, inactive voters, renters and those of Roma origin” are considering emigration more than others, researcher Endre Sik said in the report.

While Prime Minister Viktor Orban has advocated a clampdown on economic migrants to the EU, Hungary has seen more of its own citizens leave for western Europe and served as a transit country for arrivals from outside the 28-nation bloc.

Germany has replaced the U.K. as the top destination for would-be emigrants during the past five years. Neighboring Austria climbed to second place, relegating Britain to third. Overall, one in three respondents said they would consider emigrating to one of the three countries.

The share of respondents considering moving abroad for “long-term employment” climbed to 13 percent this year, matching the second-highest reading since 1993 and compared with 11 percent in 2014. Eleven percent said they would consider “short-term employment” abroad, up from 10 percent last year.

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