Google Software to Power System for Analyzing Financial Markets

SunGard Data Systems Inc. will use Google Inc. software to provide deep analysis of financial-market data for traders, helping clients deal with the gusher of information generated every day.

The system, based on technology that helps drive Google’s search and Gmail services, can process 6 billion trade messages an hour, according to a statement Wednesday. That could reach 25 billion, according to Neil Palmer, a partner at SunGard.

Operating in modern markets means dealing with mountains of data, a side effect of the automation of trading and strategies that blast out orders in tiny fractions of a second.

“You could build and run this yourself, but it would be very expensive,” Steven Silberstein, chief technology officer at SunGard, said by phone. “Google has really built big data into their fabric, both on the storage and creative retrieval of it, and that analytic speed and capability is very important.”

SunGard is also using Google Cloud Bigtable technology as the underpinnings of its bid to create what’s known as the consolidated audit trail, an impending Securities and Exchange Commission system meant to help regulators monitor markets. That database is designed to funnel 50 billion daily records into an archive to track every quote, order and trade in the U.S. stock and options markets.

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