Sungevity Sees Grid ‘Freedom’ With Solar Stored in Batteries

Sungevity Inc., a closely held U.S. developer of rooftop power systems, plans to offer energy storage using batteries from the German supplier Sonnenbatterie GmbH.

Sungevity expects to introduce the storage systems in the U.S. and Europe in the second half of this year, the Oakland, California-based company said in a statement Wednesday.

As renewable energy becomes more widely used and battery prices fall, the company is betting that pairing rooftop solar panel systems with storage will soon be competitive with traditional electricity supplies.

“We expect that in two years there will be grid parity,” Peter Graf, Sungevity’s chief product officer, said in an interview. “All the market dynamics and hardware dynamics point in that direction right now.”

Sungevity joins rival SolarCity Corp. in pairing rooftop solar panels with batteries that will hold power during the day to use at night or during a blackout. SolarCity’s chairman, billionaire Elon Musk, is planning to unveil Thursday a battery to power homes and businesses.

“That choice and that freedom is going to be something that will be very attractive to people,” Graf said.

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