Argentina Said to Plan Ban on Monsanto Seed Payment System

Govt. plans to ban seed producers such as Monsanto from charging farmers royalties after harvesting, govt official says

  • Govt. has decree prepared and will implement it if seed producers insist on signing contracts with farmers to charge fees on grain delivered to handlers, says agriculture ministry official, who asked not to be named in line with policy
  • Victoria Manny, a Monsanto spokeswoman in Buenos Aires, said co. is in talks with Argentine officials and isn’t aware of any govt order on the matter
  • In Sept, Monsanto started asking buyers of soybean seed Intacta RR2 Pro to agree to pay fees on output through grain handlers in Argentina
  • That would contravene Argentine regulations that say farmers own seeds outright once bought, govt official says
  • “We believe that the technology and licensing system provides enormous benefits to farmers in Argentina and is fully compliant with all local laws,” Monsanto says. “We continue to receive great feedback from growers on the technology and the point-of-delivery system implementation is off to a good start in its inaugural season.
  • NOTE: Argentine Rural Confederation advised members to reject “abusive’’ payment system
  • NOTE: Agriculture Ministry spokesman Daniel Bestty declined to comment when reached by phone
  • NOTE: Argentina is world No 1 exporter of soy derivatives
  • NOTE: Intacta resistant to Roundup, repels insects, having ability to produce higher yields
  • NOTE: March 6: Monsanto Soybean Royalties Spur Protest From Argentina Group Link

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