Sunburn Protection for Your Commute

Sunburn Protection for Your Commute
Tips for if you drive, bike, take the train, or walk

If You Drive
Apply SPF 30 a half hour before leaving on your neck, arms, and ears, because UVA rays—the ones that create wrinkles and brown spots—penetrate a car’s windows. Gervaise Gerstner, a L’Oréal dermatologist, suggests Bloxsun gloves ($40) made of a fabric with SPF, plus a hat if there’s a sunroof.

If You Bike
You don’t need something water-resistant unless you get soaked in sweat. Choose a full-spectrum mineral sunblock and apply 30 minutes before leaving, says dermatologist Anne Chapas. Or throw on a rash guard, like one by the sun-protective clothing line Coolibar (from $59.50) to protect arms and torso.

If You Take the Train
“Even a few blocks walking in bright sun causes damage,” says David Colbert, founder of New York Dermatology Group, so use a daily face moisturizer that’s at least SPF 15. Then layer an antioxidant on top, such as SkinsCeuticals CE Ferulic ($105), to protect against urban air pollutants.

If You Walk
Borrow from the Japanese: Commit to a UV parasol, which offers SPF 50+ (vs. a regular umbrella’s SPF 15). For men, Colbert recommends GustBuster’s silver-black SunBlok ($60). Wraparound sunglasses aren’t cute, but they shield delicate skin around the eyes. Plus, “less squinting means less crow’s feet,” Gerstner adds.

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