MORE: Airlines to Quote Tickets in Dollars in Venezuela

June 13 (Bloomberg) -- Venezuela publishes general details, regulations for submission of airline ticket prices to govt, according to official gazette distributed today. * Prices should be expressed in US dollars * Airlines must publish prices in “visible” place on web, in

ticket offices * Airlines have 5 days to submit proposed prices to govt,

which approves/rejects proposals * Govt to list approved prices at * “Even when airfares are expressed in dollars, they will be

paid in bolivars at the Sicad II rate as dictated by the

currency law,” Asdrubal Oliveros, director of Caracas-based

Ecoanalitica consultancy, says in phone interview * “The government sets airfares in dollars to make an

international comparison and prevent distortions”: Oliveros

(Earlier version corrected headline to say tickets will be quoted in dollars, not sold)

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