Russia Won’t Succeed in Making Ukraine a Failed State: Yatsenyuk

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk says Russia won’t succeed in reducing Ukraine to a “failed state.”

He spoke in English to reporters in Brussels along with European Commission President Jose Barroso.

On Russia’s role in Ukraine:

“Russia is already engaged” in Ukraine, “in supporting Russian-led protesters and terrorists. We urge Russia to condemn them, to urge all these so-called protesters -- or really, terrorists -- to leave and vacate the buildings, and to do everything they can to stabilize the situation in Ukraine. Russia will fail to make Ukraine a failed state.”

On Ukraine’s upcoming presidential election:

“The key question for us is to have a free and fair presidential election, and we expect to have a new, legitimate president. Any efforts to disrupt the presidential election in Ukraine will fail.”

On Ukraine’s energy dispute with Russia:

“We are and were very clear on our deal with Russia. We sent to Russian Gazprom a pre-trial notification asking Russia urgently to revise the deal, which is to be based on market conditions. If Russia rejects this, we will bring Russia to court in Stockholm. If I’m not mistaken, less than 20 days are left. This is the final call to Russia to sit at the negotiating table and to find a solution. We praise the efforts of the commission, and you Mr. President, to have a trilateral meeting between the EU, Ukraine and Russian energy ministers and commissioners.”

“We sent an official offer to Russian Gazprom, saying that in case if Russia extends the price, which is still valid today, which was set starting with the first quarter of this year at $268 per 1,000 cubic meters, Ukraine in 10 days will urgently repay gas bill arrears. But first, we need to sign the deal, and only afterwards ask for arrears.”

“Let me raise one very important issue: Russia annexed Crimea. Russia seized Ukrainian property -- tens or hundreds of billions of dollars, including state-owned oil and gas company Chernomorneftegaz.”

“They’ve stolen more than 2 billion cubic meters of Ukrainian natural gas. They’ve stolen our fields; they’ve stolen our companies; they’ve stolen our onshore and offshore drills. We will see Russia in court, too.”

“We are ready for the market-based approach, and Russia is to stop to use natural gas as a new type of Russian weapon.”

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