Egypt Clashes Leave 17 Dead as Mursi Supporters Fight Police

Clashes in Cairo
Supporters of Egypt's deposed president Mohamed Mursi run for cover from tear gas fired by riot police during clashes in the northeastern part of Cairo's Nasr City district on Jan. 3, 2014. Nationwide clashes between police and supporters of Mursi left at least six people dead and 42 injured today, state-run Ahram Gate said, citing the Health Ministry. Photographer: Virginie Nguyen Hoang/AFP via Getty Images

Nationwide clashes between Egyptian police and supporters of ousted Islamist President Mohamed Mursi left at least 17 people dead, state-run Middle East News Agency said, citing an interior ministry official.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which fielded Mursi for the presidency and became the target of a crackdown by security forces following his July 3 removal by the military, had called for protests yesterday against the army-backed government. Violence flared in Cairo, Alexandria, Fayyoum and other provinces, state-run Ahram Gate reported.

Egypt declared the Brotherhood a terrorist organization last month after blaming the group for a recent surge in violence, without providing evidence. Authorities have already arrested and prosecuted many of the organization’s leaders, including the ousted president, and killed hundreds of its supporters.

A referendum scheduled for later this month is meant to pave the way to new elections and the restoration of democratic rule.

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