Iran Says U.S. Attack on Syria Would ‘Engulf’ Entire Mideast

Iran’s Foreign Ministry warned that a U.S. attack on Syria would drag the whole region into conflict.

“We want to strongly warn against any use of military force in Syria,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Araghchi told reporters in Tehran today, in televised comments. “There will definitely be great consequences for the region and complications will not be restricted to Syria, they will engulf the whole region.”

Iran is a longtime Syrian ally.

Araghchi spoke a day after Secretary of State John Kerry said there is “undeniable” evidence the Syrian government used chemical weapons outside Damascus on Aug. 21. Kerry called the alleged attack a “moral obscenity” as pressure mounted on the U.S. to go beyond denunciations and take military action against the Syrian government.

Some Syrian opposition groups say more than 1,300 people were killed, an allegation that has not been confirmed.

Araghchi condemned the use of chemical weapons “under any conditions by anyone” while accusing the U.S. and allies of using the alleged attack as a “pretext” to strike Syria. Araghchi said the attack was carried out by “terrorist groups.”

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