Uganda Business Owners in Capital Strike Over Verification Levy

Most shops closed in downtown Kampala as traders protested introduction of pre-import levy for verifying standard of goods entering country, Moses Kalule, CEO of Kampala City Traders Association, says by phone. * Uganda National Bureau of Standards asking for $235 to $2,375 per container depending on nature of goods: Kalule * Strike to continue until “solution is found:” Kalule * Levy introduced to curb entry of substandard imports, Sylvia Kirabo, UNBS deputy spokeswoman, says by phone from Kampala * Levy came into effect June 1: Kirabo * UNBS staffs only 19 of 52 entry points; levy to be effective in ensuring entry of high quality goods: Kirabo * Levy imposed on traders because it would be difficult to trace foreign companies from which goods are imported: Kirabo