Abu Nusaybah Charged With Three-Terror Related Offenses

Abu Nusaybah, who was arrested last week after appearing on BBC’s Newsnight program to discuss the killing of a soldier in Woolwich, was charged with three terror offenses by prosecutors today.

Nusaybah, 30, was charged with encouraging terrorism and disseminating terrorist publications, the Crown Prosecution Service said in a statement.

Nusaybah said on Newsnight that he was a friend of Michael Adebolajo, one of two men suspected of killing Lee Rigby last week. The charges against Nusaybah aren’t related to the Woolwich attack, CPS said.

Police said Nusaybah, whose real name is Ibrahim Abdullah-Hassan, published a series of video lectures delivered by himself that encouraged terrorism. He also published materials by two other people that encouraged terrorism, the Metropolitan Police Service said in a statement.

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