U.S. Doctor Tells Singapore Inquiry Todd Was Murdered

Shane Todd, a U.S. research engineer found hanged in his Singapore apartment, was murdered and may have been shot by a taser gun, a doctor engaged by Todd’s family told a coroner’s inquest.

“This is my speculation,” Edward Adelstein, a deputy medical examiner of Boone and Callaway counties in Missouri, told the inquiry by video link today. He said his opinion was based on photographs of Todd’s body.

Todd, 31 when he died, may have been killed because of his sensitive work at the Institute of Microelectronics and possible technology transfers to China, his father Rick has said. Singapore opened the inquiry after Todd’s family disputed a finding by police and four pathologists that the engineer committed suicide by hanging.

Marks on Todd’s knuckles were bruises from a fight, Adelstein said. He disputes findings by other pathologists that the marks were caused by the gravitational movement of blood after death.

“People who know how to kill you will kill you in a way that makes it difficult to detect,” Adelstein said in response to a question by a lawyer for Singapore who asked what evidence he had for his theories. “Maybe I’m more conspiratorial than you are.”

The Coroner’s Inquiry is Shane Truman Todd. CI002014 of 2012. Singapore Subordinate Courts.

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