U.K.’s Hague Says No Immediate Response to North Korea Needed

U.K. Foreign Secretary William Hague said he sees no need for an immediate response to North Korea’s mounting threats to attack the U.S. and turn inward from the rest of the world.

“It’s important to keep calm,” Hague said on BBC television’s “Andrew Marr Show” today. “We shouldn’t respond and play to that rhetoric and presentation of an external threat every time they come out.”

Tensions have risen since Kim Jong Un’s regime detonated a nuclear device in February in defiance of tightened United Nations sanctions. North Korea asked countries including the U.K. to consider evacuating their embassies, warning that they can’t be protected, the Foreign Office in London said April 5.

Foreign governments should be “clear and united and calm,” Hague said, adding that North Korea should be told it faces a “strategic choice” between increased isolation and better relations with other nations.

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