Crowdfunding's Gold Rush, Stalled Startups, Promise of E-Payments: March 29

Equity-based crowdfunding is about democratizing venture capital, says Dan Primack, but venture-capital investing is a very difficult way to make money. So why the rush to launch crowdfunding companies? [Fortune]

Law professor Pamela Foohey says small businesses and religious organizations that file for bankruptcy have a lot in common. [University of Illinois]

Gene Marks offers three ways business owners can think about Obamacare: the Dude Option, the Mr. Burns Option, and the Godfather Option. [Inc.]

The majority of venture-backed companies fail to hit it big, and it’s those companies that a good venture capitalist expends blood, sweat, and tears on, writes Union Square Venture’s Fred Wilson. [A VC]

The shift from shopping on desktop computers to consuming via mobile devices is unstoppable, says PayPal co-founder Max Levchin, who has a new e-payments company called Affirm (video). [Bloomberg Television]

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