McLaren Apologizes to F-1 Rival Red Bull Over Software Glitch

McLaren apologized to Formula One rival Red Bull after a software problem with an engine control unit it supplies to all teams affected Mark Webber in the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

Webber qualified second on the grid alongside Red Bull teammate Sebastian Vettel in Melbourne three days ago, though the glitch contributed to him dropping to seventh by the end of the opening lap. He finished his home race in sixth place.

“The electronic units themselves ran without incident in Melbourne, but there was a software-related issue that meant that Mark Webber’s car’s garage data system had to be re-started during the formation lap,” a statement from the McLaren Group read. “That disrupted his preparations for the start of the race, for which Mark and the team has our apology. We are working together with them to prevent any recurrence.”

McLaren Electronics Systems, a division of the McLaren Group that also comprises the F-1 team, supplies standard engine control units to all teams in the 2013 world championship. The units act as a car’s primary data system.

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