Twilio has taken a page out of Facebook’s playbook, launching seed funds to stake developers working on apps for Twilio’s voice-over-IP platform. The latest fund, according to Reuters’s Gerry Shih, is taking the company into the European market.

When Bloomberg political analyst Matthew Dowd interviewed Mickey Boyer, president of defense subcontractor UHP Projects about sequestration, Boyer said he’d been forced to lay off his own son.

Inc.‘s Bill Murphy Jr. has a six-question quiz to help business owners determine whether their companies will be among those hardest hit by sequestration.

Also in Inc.: Burt Helm tells one entrepreneur’s horror story, a tale of doing business—and being betrayed—in China.

Elizabeth Spiers scored Andrew Mason’s last interview as Groupon chief executive officer for Fast Company. Mason was ousted by Groupon’s board on Feb. 28.

And on a related note (from our archives): The love affair between small business and daily deals is over, Karen E. Klein reported in Bloomberg Businessweek in November.

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