Czech Day-Ahead Power Plunges Amid Cheaper Flows From Poland

Day-ahead power in the Czech Republic plunged as flows of cheaper electricity from Poland surged.

Day-ahead electricity on the coupled markets of the Czech Republic and Slovakia plunged 21 percent to 43.99 euros ($57.70) a megawatt-hour in a daily auction, according to the countries’ market operators.

Poland was set to export 652 megawatts of electricity to the Czech Republic from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. tomorrow compared with 42 megawatts at the same time today, data from grid manager PSE SA showed.

Electricity for next-day delivery in Poland fell for the first time in four days, dropping 4.2 percent to 164.23 zloty ($51.73) a megawatt-hour, exchange data on Bloomberg showed.

Hungarian day-ahead power settled 21 percent lower at 44.19 euros a megawatt-hour.

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