Polish Day-Ahead Power Declines as More Imports Flow From Sweden

Day-ahead electricity in Poland declined as more electricity was set to flow from Sweden and prices in neighboring countries declined.

Electricity for the next day dropped 1.5 percent to 166.91 zloty ($53.50) a megawatt-hour, exchange data compiled by Bloomberg show.

Poland was set to increase imports from Sweden tomorrow and planned to keep exports to the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia near today’s levels as prices on those markets fell, according to data from grid manager PSE SA.

Day-ahead electricity on the coupled markets of the Czech Republic and Slovakia dropped 3.5 percent to 47.18 euros ($63.15) a megawatt-hour in a daily auction, according to the countries’ market operators. Hungarian day-ahead power settled 3.4 percent lower at 47.24 euros a megawatt-hour.

Polish power for 2014 decreased for the first time in four days, falling 0.6 percent to 163.50 zloty a megawatt-hour, broker data on Bloomberg showed.

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