Ex-Hells Angel Makes Tracks—to B-School

Ex-Hells Angel Makes Tracks???to B-School
Normand Robitaille, currently serving a 17-year prison sentence in Canada, will be allowed to attend business classes at HEC Montreal two days a week (Photograph by Fredrik von Erichsen/Corbis)
Photograph by Fredrik von Erichsen/Corbis

Normand Robitaille is an ex-Hells Angel currently serving a 17-year sentence at a minimum security prison north of Montreal for conspiracy to commit murder, drug trafficking, money laundering, and participating in the activities of a gang. He is also now a business student at HEC Montreal.

On Monday, Robitaille was granted unsupervised leave privileges by the Parole Board of Canada to enroll in a specialized masters program in e-business offered at the Canadian B-school, according to the Montreal Gazette. As part of the leave agreement, Robitaille will be permitted to attend classes at HEC twice a week.

A spokesperson at HEC declined to answer questions about Robitaille’s situation, citing privacy issues, except to say that the school will not be putting additional security measures into place to accommodate his participation. Robitaille could not be reached for comment.

Robitaille qualified for the HEC e-business course after earning a bachelor’s degree in communication via a correspondence program while in prison.

It’s unclear what Robitaille plans to use the HEC degree for. Before his arrest, the Hells Angels chapter he once belonged to earned $2 million a month on cocaine sales alone, according to the Gazette.

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