Spanish, French Hog Prices Drop as German Pig Prices Hold Steady

Pig prices in Spain dropped for a 10th week while those in France fell for a fifth and German prices were unchanged, industry group Interessengemeinschaft der Schweinehalter Deutschlands e.V. reported.

Hog prices in Germany, the European Union’s biggest producer, were 1.626 euros ($2.16) a kilogram (2.2 pounds), Damme, Germany-based ISN wrote in a report on its website today. Spanish prices declined to 1.727 euros a kilogram from 1.733 euros.

“The European slaughter-pig market this week in general is in a holiday mood,” ISN wrote. “Prices are trending sideways, as it were.”

Pork accounts for about half of the meat consumption in the 27-nation EU. Europeans will probably eat less of the meat next year after prices rose and economies slowed, with per-capita consumption set to fall to 40.3 kilograms in 2013 from 41.2 kilograms in 2012, the bloc forecast in September.

French prices dropped to 1.603 euros a kilogram from 1.605 euros, while the cost of hogs was unchanged in the Netherlands and Belgium. In Denmark, pig prices fell to 1.69 euros a kilogram from 1.744 euros, the report showed.

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