Mato Grosso Soybean Harvest Started, Soybean & Corn Advisor Says

Soybean harvesting in Brazil’s Mato Grosso state started yesterday, industry researcher Soybean & Corn Advisor Inc. reported.

Cutting of early-maturing soybeans began on the farm of Orcival Guimaraes in Lucas do Rio Verde, and the beans will be followed by a second crop of cotton, Hinsdale, Illinois-based Soybean & Corn Advisor wrote in an online report today.

Soybean yields are reported to be 2.5 to 3 metric tons per hectare (2.47 acres), or 36 to 43.5 bushels per acre, the consulting company led by Michael Cordonnier wrote.

The early-maturing soybeans were affected by drier than normal weather in October, and yields are expected to climb to 3.5 tons per hectare by Jan. 15, when medium-maturity soybeans will start to be harvested, according to Soybean & Corn Advisor.

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