Jobs Yacht Freed as Heirs Guarantee Starck’s Bill, Dagblad Says

A yacht built for the late Apple Inc founder Steve Jobs was released from a six-day seizure after his heirs guaranteed a disputed bill to the ship’s designer Philippe Starck, Het Financieele Dagblad reported.

The ship, called Venus, was seized in the port of Amsterdam on Dec. 19 on behalf of Starck over a disputed $3 million bill, according to Dagblad. The designer’s lawyer, Roelant Klaassen, requested to end the seizure after Jobs’s heirs gave a guarantee for the amount, the Dutch newspaper reported today, citing Klaassen.

The claim is based on agreement that Starck would receive 6 percent of the vessel’s construction costs, which were originally estimated at 150 million euros, Dagblad reported. Jobs’s heirs say the vessel only cost 105 million euros to build, the newspaper reported.

Klaassen and the Port of Amsterdam couldn’t be reached for comment when contacted by Bloomberg News.

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