Yemen’s Hadi Merges Elite Units, Restructures Military, TV Says

Yemen’s President Abdurabuh Mansur Hadi has removed the son of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh as head of the Republican Guard and restructured the country’s armed forces, state television reported.

Hadi removed Ahmed Saleh from his post along with Major General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmer, who led the first armored division, and divided the armed forces in air, land, marine and border guard units, according to the report. The Republican Guard and the armored division have been merged with the rest of the armed forces, according to the report.

Yemen’s forces were divided last year during the uprising against Saleh. Hadi also dismissed Yahia Mohammed Saleh, nephew of the former president, from his post as chief of staff of the central security forces, freeing the army and security forces from control of the former president and his family.

The military restructuring army is one of the main provisions of the power transition accord reached last year by former president Ali Abdullah Saleh when he stepped down last year following an uprising.

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