Lost Teeth, Torn Jeans, Tiny Artist: Sketches of the Slain

27 Angels
Twenty-seven angel wood cut-outs are set up on hillside in memory to the victims of an elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, December 16, 2012. A young gunman slaughtered 20 small children and six teachers on December 14, 2012 after walking into a school in an idyllic Connecticut town wielding at least two sophisticated firearms. Photographer: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP via Getty Images

Following are names, ages and short portraits of those slain Dec. 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut:

* Charlotte Bacon, 6, wore a new pink dress and boots the day she was killed, according to the Associated Press. Her older brother, Guy, was also in the school but was not shot. Her parents, JoAnn and Joel, had lived in Newtown for four or five years, JoAnn’s brother, John Hagen, of Nisswa, Minnesota, told New York Newsday. “She was going to go some places in this world,” Hagen told the newspaper. “This little girl could light up the room for anyone.”

* Daniel Barden, 7, was the son of Mark Barden, a musician who played throughout the region and often posted photos of his family on his professional website, the New Haven Register reported. The family wrote in a statement: “Everyone who has ever met Daniel remembers and loves him. Words really cannot express what a special boy Daniel was. Such a light. Always smiling, unfailingly polite, incredibly affectionate, fair and so thoughtful towards others, imaginative in play, both intelligent and articulate in conversation: in all, a constant source of laughter and joy. Daniel was fearless in his pursuit of happiness and life. He earned his ripped jeans and missing two front teeth. Despite that, he was, as his mother said, ‘Just So Good.’ He embodied everything that is wholesome and innocent in the world. Our hearts break over losing him and for the many other families suffering loss.”

* Rachel Davino, 29

* Olivia Engel, 6, was excited to go to school Dec. 14 and then return home and make a gingerbread house, Dan Merton, a longtime friend of her family, told the Associated Press. “She loved attention,” he said. “She had perfect manners, perfect table manners. She was the teacher’s pet, the line leader.” “Her only crime,” he said, “is being a wiggly, smiley 6-year-old.” Olivia was supposed to be an angel in a live nativity performed at St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church, the Reverend Robert Weiss told Reuters.

* Josephine Gay, 7, celebrated her birthday just three days before the shooting, according to the New York Daily News.

* Ana Marquez-Greene, 6, spent last year’s holidays reveling in celebrations with her extended family in her first trip to Puerto Rico. The family had moved to Connecticut from Canada just two months ago, drawn in part by Sandy Hook’s pristine reputation, grandmother Elba Marquez told Newsday. She said the child’s 9-year-old brother was also at the school, but escaped safely.

* Dylan Hockley, 6

* Principal Dawn Hochsprung, 47, was a mother of two daughters and three stepdaughters, according to the New York Daily News. She lived with her husband, George, outside the Woodlake Condominiums in Woodbury, where an American flag stood at half staff. This year, Hochsprung began pursuing a doctorate at the Esteves School of Education at the Sage Colleges in Albany, New York. She showed up at a recent class with two dozen donuts for fellow students, said Janice White, one of her professors. During the attack, Hochsprung confronted the gunman after he shot through glass to enter the building, said Maryann Jacob, an assistant librarian. The gunman then shot Hochsprung, she said.

* Madeleine Hsu, 6

* Catherine Hubbard, 6

* Chase Kowalski, 7, was always outside, playing in the backyard, riding his bicycle. Just last week, he was visiting neighbor Kevin Grimes, telling him about completing and winning his first mini-triathlon. “You couldn’t think of a better child,” Grimes said, according to the Associated Press.

* Jesse Lewis, 6, had hot chocolate with his favorite breakfast sandwich -- sausage, egg and cheese -- at the neighborhood deli before going to school Dec. 14. Jesse and his parents were regulars at the Misty Vale Deli in Sandy Hook, owner Angel Salazar told The Wall Street Journal. “He was always friendly; he always liked to talk,” Salazar said. Jesse’s family has a collection of animals he enjoyed playing with, and he was learning to ride horseback. Family friend Barbara McSperrin told the Journal that Jesse was “a typical 6-year-old little boy, full of life.”

* James Mattioli, 6

* Grace McDonnell, 7, saw at softball camp that Danielle Shine, 17, had a feather in her hair, Shine said today. Grace knew just what she wanted. “The next week, she came back with her own feather and said she wanted to be just like me,” Shine said.

* Anne Marie Murphy, 52, a teacher, was described by her parents as a happy soul, good mother, wife and daughter, artistic, fun-loving, witty and hardworking, according to Newsday. Authorities told the couple their daughter helped shield some of her students from the rain of bullets.

* Emilie Parker, 6, carried pencils and markers so she could draw cards, such as the one she left in her grandfather’s casket when he died this year. The blond, blue-eyed girl was a best friend to her younger sisters, and was teaching them to read and dance, her father, Robert Parker, 30, a physician’s assistant, told reporters. His last conversation with Emilie on the day she died was in Portuguese, a language her father was teaching her. He kissed her for the last time and went to work. “She was the type of person that could just light up the room,” he said. “Emilie’s laughter was infectious, and all those who had the pleasure to meet her would agree that this world is a better place because she has been in it.”

* Jack Pinto, 6

* Noah Pozner, 6, is scheduled to be laid to rest tomorrow. Pozner’s uncle, Alexis Haller, says the funeral is scheduled for 1 p.m. at the Abraham L. Green & Son Funeral Home in Fairfield, Conn, according to the Associated Press. Haller described Noah as “smart as a whip,” gentle but with a rambunctious streak. Noah had a twin, Arielle, who was assigned to a different classroom and survived. Noah had called Arielle his best friend, and with their 8-year-old sister, Sophia, they were inseparable, the AP said.

* Caroline Previdi, 6

* Jessica Rekos, 6, was “always full of jokes,” uncle Craig Lehmann said today. “She was a gorgeous little girl,” he said. “I have a million little memories. I couldn’t share them all.”

* Avielle Richman, 6

* Lauren Rousseau, 30, had spent years working as a substitute teacher, and became a full-time teacher at Sandy Hook this year, according to a statement from her mother. “Lauren wanted to be a teacher from before she even went to kindergarten,” Terri Rousseau said. “We will miss her terribly and will take comfort knowing that she had achieved that dream.”

* Mary Sherlach, 56, a school psychologist, worked at Sandy Hook for two decades, according to the New York Daily News, and was shot dead trying to save her students. Rebecca Castegner, a 20-year-old former student, said in an interview with Bloomberg News today that Sherlach was a substitute mother to children having difficulty adjusting to school. “She was there for the kids if they needed her.” Castegner said.

* Victoria Soto, 27, was a first-grade teacher who liked to tell stories about her students. She lived in a pale blue house with her mother and three siblings, sometimes shoveling snow from an ailing neighbor’s walkway. Soto often stayed at school until 8 p.m., her sister Carlee said, and was almost finished with her master’s degree in teaching from Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven. “She died protecting the kids that she loved,” said her sister Jillian. Soto used her body to shield her students from the gunman, according to the New York Daily News. “The family received information she was found shielding her students in a closet,” Soto’s cousin, Jim Wiltsie, told the newspaper.

* Benjamin Wheeler, 6

* Allison Wyatt, 6.

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