Russian Beet-Pulp and Molasses Exports Seen Doubling by Union

Russia, which became a sugar exporter for the first time last season, more than doubled its shipments of beet pulp and molasses in this year’s first 10 months, the Sugar Producers’ Union said.

Exports climbed above 1 million metric tons from 407,000 tons a year earlier, the industry group said today on its website. Increased output drove the gain along with higher grain prices that pushed makers of animal feedstuffs to buy more beet products, it said.

Shipments included 517,000 tons of beet pulp and 499,000 tons of molasses, according to the union. Pulp was supplied to 17 countries, led by the Netherlands, Latvia, Turkey, Morocco and Italy. Molasses was sent to 14 nations, with Turkey, Vietnam, Ukraine and Germany the main buyers, the union said.

Pulp and molasses exports may reach 1.5 million tons for the full year, according to the union.

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