N. Korea’s Rocket Violates International Law, Pinkston Says

Daniel Pinkston, a senior analyst at the International Crisis Group, said North Korea’s rocket Launch today violated international law. To understand why the regime launched the rocket, observers should look to North Korea’s ideology, he said in an interview on Bloomberg Television.

On the possible motivations for the launch:

“We have to look at the internal motivations in Pyongyang and that drives most of their decision making.”

“It has military applications and peaceful-use applications and of course the regime will try to exploit all the propaganda value.”

“This is just something they wish to acquire, something they do according to their ideology and I don’t think this is necessarily driven by the outside consideration.”

“You can use this technology for both military and peaceful applications.

On breaking international law:

“This launch is in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions.”

“This violates international law.”

On relations with China:

“China is unhappy about it. But in the context of things that North Korea could do, in the region, no one has died from this, there’s no sea battles or movements of military troops and so forth, although all the military is on alert, but I think this will pass.”

“They will try hard to dissuade North Korea from doing this in the future. But I think in the whole context of the types of things that could happen, some people in Beijing and elsewhere will breathe a sigh of relief.”

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