UN Envoys Not Held to Account as Climate Changes, Mundial Says

Daniel Rossetto, managing director of Climate Mundial Ltd., a London-based consulting company that works in carbon markets, comments on the pace of United Nations climate-protection talks. Negotiations are taking place this week in Doha, the Qatari capital. He wrote yesterday by e-mail.

On accountability:

“There is no accountability among the envoys and negotiators. How many of them return home to receive criticism from their governments if they have not secured a global agreement? Look at the track record: we had a Bali road map in 2007, which was supposed to result in a comprehensive global agreement in 2009, but this failed. The Copenhagen pledges have equally not materialized. Now we are being asked to pin our hopes on a 2011 Durban mandate to negotiate a global agreement starting in 2020, but this will not come until 2015. That’s analogous with the pace at which the glaciers of the world themselves are receding.”

On the need for focus on adaptation to climate change:

“Fairly soon, unless something radical changes in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change forum, we will need to shift our efforts to adaptation rather than mitigation. There will no longer be justification to continue pouring resources into mitigation if we are not delivering what the scientists tell us needs to be done to deal with the climate risk.”

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