HDFC Bank and Indian Oil Corporation CP deal:India Money Markets

By Shraddha Kothari

November 30.(Bloomberg) -- Following is a table showing commercial paper dealt by Indian companies. The data has been provided by LKP Securities Limited and Trust Financial Consultancy Services.

Date         Security     Mty Date  Qnty(Cr.) Rate  Buyer   Seller     CTRB    
30-Nov-12    HDFC LTD     03-Jan-13  50       8.48  MF      KMF        LKPS
30-Nov-12    L&T FIN      07-Dec-12           8.40                     LKPS
30-Nov-12    IOC          27-Dec-12  50       8.15  MF      IBULSS MF  TFCS
30-Nov-12    HDFC CP      14-Dec-12  50       8.20  PRU MF  BIRLA MF   TFCS
30-Nov-12    M&M FINSERV  03-Dec-12  25       8.20  L&T MF  IDFC MF    TFCS
30-Nov-12    ABFL         10-Dec-12  25       8.40  TEMP MF            LKPS
30-Nov-12    M&M FINSERV  03-Dec-12  25       8.30                     LKPS
30-Nov-12    M&M FINSERV  20-Dec-12  50       8.15                     LKPS
30-Nov-12    SBI GLOBAL   28-Dec-12           8.45                     LKPS

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