Monti Tells Politique Internationale He Could Stay After Vote

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti told French magazine Politique Internationale he would be willing to stay in the job if legislative elections in April 2013 fail to produce a majority capable of governing.

“If it were necessary, I would continue,” Monti was quoted as saying in an interview with the quarterly journal. An official for Monti’s office said the interview was conducted in mid-September.

Monti, named to head the government in November 2011,said on Sept. 27 in an interview with Bloomberg Television’s Erik Schatzker that he would be available to serve again if needed. He plans to step down after elections which must be held by April.

“Italy must return to a normal democratic process, and there is no reason why this election should not produce a majority capable of governing,” he told Politique Internationale. “What I have said recently is that, if it appeared impossible to form such a majority, I would remain.”

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