France Had Warm and Wet October as Rain Caused Flooding

France had a relatively warm and wet October, while excess rain caused flooding in the Var region in the country’s south, the Agriculture Ministry reported.

Average rainfall in France was 107 millimeters (4.2 inches) last month, 31 percent more than normal values for the month, the ministry wrote in a report on its website today. The average temperature was 14.4 degrees Celsius (57.9 degrees Fahrenheit), 0.5 degree more than usual.

The October rains improved soil-humidity levels from the previous month, with values now above normal in the north and east of the country, as well as in the coastal regions of the Mediterranean Sea, according to the report.

“During the last days of the month, the rains were particularly strong in the Var, where locally they caused flooding,” the ministry wrote. “The month of October remained mild across the country.”

Northern France got 58 percent more rain than normal, while the west had 89 percent more precipitation than usual, the report showed. Soil moisture deficits remained in the country’s center east, with the region receiving 35 percent less rain than usual for October, according to the ministry.

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