Pinnacle Shuts Palo Verde 3 Reactor for Unplanned Valve Repairs

Pinnacle West Capital Corp. shut the 1,335-megawatt Palo Verde 3 reactor in Arizona to make unplanned repairs to a valve in a containment building.

“We’ve had this valve under surveillance and knew we would have to bring the unit down to make repairs at some point,” Betty Dayyo, a plant spokeswoman based in Phoenix, said by phone. “The problem is a steam leak.”

Palo Verde, located about 45 miles (72 kilometers) west of Phoenix, went offline early today after operating at full power yesterday. The drop sent the region’s nuclear-power production lower by 8.7 percent to 13,961 megawatts, the lowest level since Nov. 9, 2009, according to filings with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and data compiled by Bloomberg.

Nine nuclear reactors are shut in the region, including Edison International’s two-unit San Onofre plant, which has been closed since January after the company found unusual wear on tubes that carry radioactive water.

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