Finnish Security Grab Knife-Carrying Man at Katainen Rally

Finnish secret service apprehended a man with a knife at a rally held by Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen ahead of municipal elections on Oct. 28.

The premier, 41, wasn’t harmed in the incident in Turku, western Finland, and the perpetrator was taken into custody, the government said in a statement today.

“Security guards have apprehended a person who brought a blade to the minister’s election event in Turku,” according to the statement. “The Prime Minister was unharmed in the incident and will resume his work normally.”

A young, dishevelled man approached the premier pleading for help, before falling to his knees and bringing out a knife while saying something about killing, newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet reported, citing Robert Seger, a photographer on the scene. The man was dragged away by the body guards as Katainen was also removed from the scene.

Katainen has led the northernmost euro member since June last year as head of a six-party coalition. He has cut spending and raised taxes to trim deficits as Europe’s debt crisis weighs on growth and unemployment. Katainen has also taking the lead in trying to overcome skepticism at home to bailing out fellow euro members.

He has been head of the National Coalition, Finland’s largest party, since 2004. He’s married and has two children.