NHL, Union Make No Progress as Lockout Cost Nears $250 Million

The National Hockey League and its players’ union made no progress yesterday toward ending a lockout that Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said has cost almost $250 million.

The sides discussed medical, health and safety and miscellaneous issues in the latest talks about a new collective bargaining agreement, Daly said.

“We had no discussion of major economic issues,” Daly told reporters. “That continues to be a disappointment from our perspective.”

Owners and players are arguing about how to split revenue and other issues including salary arbitration and the length of unrestricted free agency.

The decision to cancel the first two weeks of the regular season means “$250 million is in jeopardy,” Daly said. The league has “a little bit of time” before deciding whether to cancel additional games, he said.

It’s not the players who are forcing the cancellation of regular-season games, said Steve Fehr, special counsel representing the players’ union.

“Games are canceled because the league chose to continue the lockout,” he told reporters yesterday.

The league locked out players on Sept. 16, the day after the collective bargaining agreement expired.

“Our message to the players’ association is we encourage them to make a proposal,” Daly said. “Any movement is better than no movement at all, even if we move sideways.”

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