EU to Urge Cloud Computing for Government Agencies

European Union regulators will urge government agencies in the EU to use cloud-computing services to reduce costs, according to a European Commission strategy for cloud computing published today.

Public agencies in the EU, the bloc’s biggest buyer of information technology services, and cloud-computing suppliers will work together on common procurement requirements to ensure that services meet governments’ needs, the commission said.

“Pooling public requirements could bring higher efficiency and common sectoral requirements would reduce costs and enable interoperability,” according to the strategy paper from the commission, the 27-nation EU’s executive in Brussels.

In cloud computing, data and software are stored and managed remotely, rather than on local software and hardware, and are accessible from any internet-connected device such as smartphones and tablet computers. EU intervention could help cloud-computing revenues in the region climb to nearly 80 billion euros ($103 billion) by 2020, the commission said.

The EU also plans to help set technical standards and model contracts for services, including data transfer, to encourage cloud computing among European businesses, according to the strategy paper.

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