Sarah Ferguson Trial in Turkey May Be Suspended, Haberturk Says

The prosecution of Britain’s Duchess of York for taking part in the secret filming of two orphanages in Turkey in 2008 may be suspended because of changes to the law, Haberturk said, citing a petition by her lawyer.

Sarah Ferguson, the former wife of Britain’s Prince Andrew, should benefit from recent legal amendments that have reduced prison terms for crimes committed through the media, giving the court a reason to halt the trial, Haberturk said, citing Ferguson’s lawyer Cansu Sahin.

Sahin said a proposed out-of-court settlement was still being negotiated, Haberturk reported. If tried under the new regulations, she would face a maximum of five years in prison, subject to postponement unless she commits a repeat offense in Turkey, the newspaper said. The previous law could have led to a sentence of as much as 22.5 years.