Physician Reports Romney Is ‘Vigorous Man’ in Good Health

Mitt Romney is a “vigorous man who takes excellent care of his personal physical health,” his doctor said in a letter released today by the Republican presidential nominee’s campaign.

Dr. Randall Gaz of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston also said he knows of “no physical impairments that should interfere” with Romney serving as president.

Romney, 65, has a resting pulse around 40 beats per minute, which was one of the factors that led his doctor to describe him as someone who “appears years younger” than his age.

“His slow, resting, regular heart rate in the 40s is most likely related to his past intensive exercise and regular running,” wrote Gaz, who has been Romney’s doctor since 1989.

Romney -- whose height is 6 feet 1 1/2 inches -- weighs 184 pounds and his blood pressure is 130 over 80, according to Gaz. Optimal blood pressure is considered to be below 120 over 80.

The former Massachusetts governor is allergic to penicillin and takes a low dose of aspirin and the cholesterol medication Lipitor on a daily basis, the doctor wrote.

“He totally abstains from drinking any alcoholic beverages, and does not use any tobacco products or illicit drugs,” the doctor wrote in the letter dated Aug. 25.

That’s in keeping with Romney’s Mormon faith, which discourages the use of alcohol or tobacco.

High-Fiber Diet

Romney “eats a high-fiber diet with abundant fruits and vegetables and minimizes intake of high cholesterol foods and concentrated sweets,” according to Gaz, who has treated Romney since 1989.

Earlier today, the Republican nominee’s campaign released his 2011 federal tax returns, showing he and his wife, Ann, paid a 14.1 percent federal tax rate on $13.7 million of income. The couple makes most of their income from investing an estimated $250 million fortune, and much of that income is taxed at a top rate of 15 percent, rather than the top rate of 35 percent that applies to wages.

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