Japan Sets Up New Nuclear Regulator After Fukushima ‘Failure’

Japan’s new nuclear regulator starts operation tomorrow as part of measures the government introduced after the Fukushima disaster to try and establish an independent supervisor of the industry.

The government will inaugurate the Nuclear Regulation Authority and its secretariat tomorrow to separate promotion of nuclear power from regulation of the same industry, Yukio Edano, the trade and industry minister, said today in Tokyo.

Previously, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry was responsible for both expanding nuclear power and supervising it, including the existing regulator Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, known as NISA.

“Unfortunately, the ministry failed to avoid the disaster and meet public expectations,” Edano told officials at the ministry today. “Everyone in the ministry has to acknowledge that the abolishment of NISA is based on the lessons and reflections from the failure.”

NISA will be integrated into the new authority, or NRA, as an an affiliate of the Ministry of Environment.

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