Zimbabwe Seen Buying 70,000 Tons of Fertilizer, Chronicle Says

Zimbabwe will have to import about 70,000 metric tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer to meet demand this season, the Chronicle reported, citing Mishek Kachere, a spokesman for Zimbabwe Fertilizer Corp. and Windmill (Pvt) Ltd.

Fertilizer makers have about 25,000 tons of the crop nutrient stockpiled, insufficient to meet demand of about 150,000 tons, the Bulawayo-based Chronicle said on its website. The producers can’t manufacture enough locally because they’re still owed funds from the last season, according to the report.

Zimbabwe expects normal to below-normal rains this farming season, which runs from November to May for crops such as corn, soy, barley and oil seeds. Demand for compound fertilizers, usually a mixture of ammonium nitrate and other chemicals, can be met locally, the state-controlled newspaper said.

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