Mitt, Walt Is Your Worst Nightmare

Mitt, Walt Is Your Worst Nightmare
Walt drank only one Schaefer (Photograph Courtesy North American Breweries)
Photograph Courtesy North American Breweries

Mitt Romney, by comparison, used choice or choose just five times during his speech in Tampa, Fla. Instead, he tried to brand himself as a generic Republican, taking personality and policy out of the race, while critiquing Mr. Obamas record. It was right out of Politics 101.

—Nate Silver, 538: “A Referendum or a Choice?” in the New York Times, Sept. 7, 2012.

The Republicans have moved far to the right of this lifelong Republican, both on social and economic issues. Pennsylvania is no longer a swing state—we are solidly in the Obama column. The election will not even be close. It’ll be Barack in a near electoral landslide!

—Walt, my best friend, Sept. 7, 2012.

Silver’s 538 blog has, at this very moment, President Obama squeaking by with a 77.3 percent “chance of winning.” I will leave it to Bloomberg’s Al Hunt or others wiser than me to gauge the dash to November.

I will take the measure of Walt.

Backgrounder: Walt was and is my best friend. My earliest recognition of him drunk was when he fell off a Genny Cream Ale bar stool, incredulous that I could not support George McGovern. (Fact check: My actual earliest recognition is of having left a six-pack of Schlitz in his mother’s dryer, discovered in the a.m.)

Flash-forward 18 tax returns, a three-car garage, and two Rafalcas. Walt is to the right of one Attila the Hun.

Well, no. Actually, the pride of Pennsylvania was to the right of Olympia Snowe. Times change.

Walt bleeds Grand Old Party. Walt cares about personality and policy. Walt should be a lay-up for the Governor of Massachusetts.

Walt has made a choice.

Mitt, Walt is your worst nightmare. Discuss.

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