Greek Coalition Parties and Opposition Lose Support, Poll Shows

Greece’s New Democracy party led by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has declined in popularity since the June 17 election, a poll for To Pontiki newspaper showed.

Of those surveyed by Pulse RC, 22.5 percent said they’d vote for New Democracy, the largest party in parliament, compared with 29.7 percent of votes the party won in the last election, according to the poll. That level of support would not be enough to secure a parliamentary majority.

The socialist Pasok party scored 7.5 percent, a drop from 12.3 percent, while Democratic Left had 4 percent, down from an election result of 6.3 percent. Both Pasok and Democratic Left take part in the coalition government.

Support for Syriza, the biggest party that rejects Greece’s international loan agreement, fell to 21.5 percent from 26.9 percent. Support for the Communist Party remained at 4.5 percent, while the nationalist Golden Dawn party would win 9.5 percent if elections were held today, up from 6.9 percent, becoming Greece’s third-biggest party. Support for the Independent Greeks dropped to 6 percent, down from 7.5 percent, the survey showed.

The poll was conducted from Aug. 31 to Sept. 4 and surveyed 1,204 people. The survey has a margin of error of as much as 2.8 percentage points.

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