China’s Liquefied Natural Gas Terminals

China National Offshore Oil Corp. started construction of its Diefu terminal in Shenzhen with operations scheduled to begin in 2015, the Beijing-based company said in a report dated yesterday.

The following is a list of LNG terminals planned or operating in China, according to data released by the government, China’s three state oil companies and reports by official media.

Company    Location      Capacity    Start Date    Supplier
CNOOC/BP   Dapeng,       3.7 (I)     May 2006      Australia
           Guangdong     3.1 (II)    n/a           n/a

Shanghai   Wuhaogou,     **          Nov 2008      Malaysia
Gas        Shanghai

CNOOC      Putian,       2.6 (I)     May 2009      Indonesia
           Fujian        3.4 (II)    n/a           n/a

CNOOC/     Yangshan,     3   (I)     Apr 2010      Malaysia
Shenergy   Shanghai      3   (II)    n/a           n/a

PetroChina Rudong,       3.5 (I)     Nov 2011      Qatar/others
/Pacific   Jiangsu       3   (II)    Dec 2013      n/a
Oil & Gas

PetroChina Dalian,       3   (I)     Dec 2011      Qatar/
           Liaoning      3   (II)    n/a           Australia

CNOOC/     Zhuhai,       3.5 (I)     End 2012      n/a
Yuedian    Guangdong     3.5 (II)    n/a           n/a

CNOOC      Ningbo,       3   (I)     2012          n/a
           Zhejiang      6   (II)    n/a           n/a

Sinopec    Qingdao,      3   (I)     Nov 2013      PNG
           Shandong      3   (II)    n/a           n/a

CNOOC      Jieyang,      2   (I)     2013          n/a
           Guangdong     2   (II)    n/a           n/a

CNOOC      Tianjin***    2.2 (I)     2013          n/a
                         3.8 (II)    2015          n/a

PetroChina Tangshan,     3.5 (I)     2013          n/a
           Hebei         3   (II)    n/a           n/a

CNOOC      Yangpu,       3   (I)     Aug 2014      n/a
           Hainan        3   (II)    n/a           n/a

CNOOC      Ningde,       2.6         n/a           n/a

CNOOC/     Diefu,        4           2015          n/a
Shenzhen   Guangdong

PetroChina Shenzhen,     n/a         n/a           n/a

Sinopec/   Zhuhai,       3   (I)     n/a           n/a
Macau Gas  Guangdong     2   (II)    n/a           n/a

Xinao Gas  Taizhou,      n/a         n/a           n/a

Xinao Gas  Wenzhou,      n/a         n/a           n/a

Xinao Gas  Zhanjiang,    n/a         n/a           n/a

Notes: (I) means Phase I and (II) means Phase II
       * mtpa stands for million metric tons per year
      ** Shanghai Gas Corp.’s Wuhaogou facility is used
         during peak seasons to receive and hold supplies and
         does not take regular shipments. It comprises three
         tanks with a combined storage capacity of 120,000
         cubic meters, with plans to add two tanks totaling
         200,000 cubic meters
     *** Floating terminal

— With assistance by Baizhen Chua

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