Rain Deficit Narrows to 15% as Monsoon Revives Across India

A revivial in India’s monsoon, which accounts for 70 percent of the nation’s annual rainfall, helped narrow the deficit to 15 percent of a 50-year average as of yesterday from 19% at the end of July, the weather bureau said.

The country received 498.6 millimeters of rainfall in the June 1-Aug. 15 period, compared with 588.6 millimeters average considered normal for the period, the India Meteorological Department said on its website. The deficit in northwest India was 25 percent, down from 35 percent at the end of July, while the shortfall in central India was cut to 10 percent from 15 percent. Rainfall was 18 percent below average in south peninsula region, less than the 23 percent at the end of July, the bureau said.

Rainfall was normal or excess in 53 percent of India, while it’s deficient or scanty in 47 percent of the country, the bureau said.

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