Jordan Cabinet Says King’s Powers Not Negotiable, Times Reports

King Abdullah’s powers are “not negotiable” and Jordan’s government won’t bargain with Islamists seeking to boycott elections, the Jordan Times reported, citing the government spokesman, Sameeh Maayteh.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s announced plan to boycott parliamentary polls is meant to seek constitutional changes, rather than amendments to the election law, according to Maayteh, minister of state for media affairs and communications. The elections will be held by the end of the year, he said.

Jordan’s opposition, made up largely of Islamist groups that oppose the country’s peace treaty with Israel, has staged protests demanding more democracy and an end to corruption. King Abdullah has changed the government three times since rallies began last year and promised to ease restraints on political parties and allow the formation of governments based on a parliamentary majority, without saying when this will happen.

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