Intermarche Unit to Build $20 Million Biodiesel Plant in France

Intermarche subsidiary ecoMotion France awarded BDI-BioEnergy International AG a 16.4 million-euro ($20 million) commission to build and run a biodiesel plant in Le Havre, France, BDI said in a statement.

The plant will produce 75,000 metric tons of biodiesel annually to be sold at filling stations operated by Intermarche, one of France’s largest supermarket chains.

France, like other European Union member states, has a target of 10 percent renewable energy use in transport by 2020. The 27-nation group aims to use 20 percent renewable energy overall by that date.

The BDI facility will run exclusively on waste materials including animal fats and used cooking oils, making it greener than ecoMotion’s existing biodiesel facilities, which produce 200,000 metric tons of biodiesel annually using oils from crops such as rapeseed. Investment in waste product biofuels is encouraged by the EU Renewable Energy Directive, which sets European targets.

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