Turkish Army Says Finds No Explosive Traces From Plane Wreckage

The Turkish military said materials recovered after a plane was shot down by Syria on June 22 have revealed no evidence of any explosive matter, flammable material or traces of ammunition.

The military forensic unit’s inspection of material found on the sea surface “has found no evidence that meets the profile of a petroleum-based fire-triggering or accelerating substance, residue of organic or inorganic explosive matter, or findings that could be assessed as belonging to any ammunition,” according to a statement on the military’s website posted yesterday.

The military is inspecting pieces of the F-4 air force jet remaining on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea using camera images, according to the statement.

The E/V Nautilus, the exploration ship that discovered the wreckage, has left the area after a malfunction in its camera system, and the military is looking for new ways to bring the wreckage from the sea bed to the surface, it said.

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