TNK-BP’s Ryazan Refinery Switches to Cleaner Euro-5 Gasoline

TNK-BP, the Russian oil producer half-owned by BP Plc, upgraded its Ryazan refinery to produce gasoline that meets Euro-5 environmental standards.

The refinery will produce 104,000 metric tons of the 95-octane fuel in July and increase output to 125,000 tons in the coming months, TNK-BP said today in a statement, without being more specific.

Ryazan is TNK-BP’s largest plant in Russia with a processing capacity of 341,000 barrels of crude a day, data compiled by Bloomberg show.

Russia, which links taxes on motor fuels to the their environmental impact, reduced the levy on low-sulfur Euro-5 gasoline to 5,143 rubles ($156.86) a ton from July 1 from 6,822 rubles previously.

Euro-5 gasoline has a maximum sulfur content of 10 parts per million. A lower sulfur content means less pollution.