Sony’s ‘Spider-Man’ Tops Box Office Sales With $62 Million

“The Amazing Spider-Man,” Sony Corp.’s reboot of the super-hero film franchise, led the U.S. and Canadian box office in its first weekend with $62 million in ticket sales, building on a midweek debut.

“Spider-Man,” released on July 3 ahead of the U.S. Fourth of July holiday, has taken in $137 million over six days, researcher Box-Office said today in an e-mailed statement. The drug-war drama “Savages” opened fourth with $16 million for Comcast Corp.’s Universal Pictures.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” revives a franchise that took in $2.55 billion in worldwide ticket sales from three previous pictures, according to researcher Box Office Mojo. Sony increased its estimate for the six-day span after the movie brought in almost $60 million in its first two days.

“This is a solid performance, especially for a reboot coming less than five years after ‘Spider-Man 3,’ and the reviews really made the difference,” said Paul Dergarabedian, president of Box-Office in a telephone interview. “It was the perfect movie for the Fourth of July week.”

“The Amazing Spider-Man” was expected to generate $60 million in sales over the weekend, the estimate of researcher


This installment boasts a new cast, with U.K.-raised Andrew Garfield replacing Tobey Maguire in the title role. Garfield played Facebook Inc. co-founder Eduardo Saverin in “The Social Network” and is onstage as Biff Loman in “Death of a Salesman” on Broadway.

Garfield portrays the orphaned Peter Parker, nursing a crush on high-school classmate Gwen Stacy while trying to unravel the mystery behind his parents’ disappearance. A visit to a high-tech research laboratory results in a spider bite that endows him with extraordinary powers.

Emma Stone is featured as Gwen. Martin Sheen and Sally Field co-star as Peter’s Uncle Ben and Aunt May.

The film cost about $215 million to produce, according to researcher Internet Movie Database. The movie, released a week ago in some markets outside the U.S., has made $341.2 million worldwide, according to Box-Office.

Among returning movies, the R-rated comedy “Ted,” featuring the foul-mouthed teddy bear, fell to second place from first with $32.2 million in receipts. The film, starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis, has taken in $119.8 million to date for Universal.


Pixar’s “Brave,” the 13th film from the Walt Disney Co.- owned studio, remained in third place with sales of $19.6 million. The movie has generated $174 million in three weeks.

“Savages,” the fourth-place film, was directed by Oliver Stone. The drama focuses on two marijuana growers, Ben and Chon, who come into conflict with a Mexican drug cartel when their shared girlfriend, played by Blake Lively, is kidnapped. John Travolta, Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch co-star.

“Magic Mike,” about the world of male strippers and featuring Channing Tatum in the title role, dropped three spots to fifth in its second weekend, generating $15.6 million in sales for Time Warner Inc.’s Warner Bros.

“Katy Perry: Part of Me,” from Viacom Inc.’s Paramount Pictures, made its debut in eighth place with $7.1 million in receipts. The film chronicles the pop star’s life on and off stage.

Weekend revenue for the top 12 films rose 25 percent to $182.3 million from the year-ago period, said. Domestic film sales this year have risen 8 percent to $5.78 billion, with attendance up 10 percent.

The amounts below are based on actual ticket sales for July 6 through yesterday.

     Rev.             Avg./    Pct.    Total
     Movie       (mln) Theaters  Theater    Chg.    (mln)   Wks
     1 SPIDER-MAN   $62.0    4,318  $14,360     --   $137.0    1
     2 TED           32.2    3,256    9,890    -41    119.8    2
     3 BRAVE         19.6    3,891    5,040    -42    174.0    3
     4 SAVAGES       16.0    2,628    6,095     --     16.0    1
     5 MAGIC MIKE    15.6    3,120    5,014    -60     72.8    2
     6 TYLER PERRY   10.2    2,161    4,709    -60     45.8    2
     7 MADAGASCAR     7.5    2,861    2,629    -36    195.9    5
     8 KATY PERRY     7.1    2,730    2,615     --     10.2    1
     9 MOONRISE       4.5      884    5,112     -8     26.8    7
     10 ROME W/LOVE   3.1      806    3,852    314      4.9    3
     11 PEPLE LIKE US 2.2    2,055    1,068    -48      9.2    2
     12 THE AVENGERS  2.2    1,125    1,927    -51    611.1   10

Top 12 Films Grosses

This Week Year Ago Pct. (mln) (mln) Chg. =================================== $182.3 $145.7 +25

Year-to-date Revenue

2012 2011 YTD YTD Pct. (mln) (mln) Chg. =================================== $5,784 $5,355 +8.0 Year-to-date Attendance: +10%
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